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Amy Koford

Expert Hypnotherapist

In Farmington, Utah

Thoroughly educated and trained in Utah, Las Vegas, Florida, and Australia with many of the top hypnotists in the world.

I work one-on-one with Tom Nicoli, a nationally recognized hypnotherapist that has been on:

Certified with the oldest and largest Hypnotist organization in the world.

Working with clients remotely who live anywhere!

No matter where you live, I can help you transform your life & succeed.

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About Me


You want results, and nothing is more important to me than YOU getting the results you want!

Hello! I'm Amy Koford, expert hypnotherapist that specializes in happiness and peace, addictions, plus SO much more.

I absolutely LOVE what I do! Words cannot describe how much I love being a hypnotherapist and helping you to be happy and peaceful!

YOU benefit in every way!


I am driven and determined to be the very best hypnotherapist anywhere so that you are completely satisfied with your experience in every possible way!

To be the best hypnotherapist, I seek out the best and most experienced hypnotists in the WORLD and hire them to teach me how to be the best.

I also attend conferences, learning all the latest and most effective techniques from the top experts around the world.

I attended classes in Las Vegas last year where I was taught by several of the most successful hypnotists in the country.

I recently attended an international hypnotist conference in Australia, where I learned from TOP professionals in the hypnotherapist industry.

I also continue my education weekly through webinars, online meetings, educational training videos, in-person and online classes, books, podcasts, emails with top experts and everything else available.

YOU benefit from my drive to be the best!


Currently, I am working one-on-one with Tom Nicoli, a very experienced, very SUCCESSFUL, world-renowned hypnotist who has been featured on Dateline, A&E, ABC, CBS News, NBC and Fox!

YOU receive the benefits of his expertise!


Last year I went to Florida to receive personal one-on-one training with Scott McFall, a nationally recognized successful hypnotist with over 30 years of experience.

It was intensive training - only Scott and I in his office for several days of instruction on how to be the best in the field. It was informative and helped me improve my skills greatly.

I became a member of the Master Hypnotist Society as a result of this training.

YOU receive the benefits of his expertise!


The National Guild of Hypnotists is the oldest and largest worldwide hypnotist organization.

To certify with the NGH, the requirements are strict and comprehensive. I had to attend numerous classes in-person over the course of a long period of time to receive a thorough, intense NGH education by a successful and certified NGH approved instructor. I had to pass a thorough test to receive certification and membership after the NGH classwork.

I also have to re-certify every year to maintain my NGH membership, which requires proof of continuing hypnosis education.

You receive the benefits of my quality education!


I was led to hypnotherapy by divine influence and when it worked so well for me, I knew God had led me to discover one of my important missions in life - helping others love themselves, be happy and peaceful!

I am a walking and living advertisement of the power and effectiveness of hypnotherapy. It dramatically changed my life for the better.

I am certain that I am meant to help you and other people this way. God provides me with a great deal of guidance for my clients.

You benefit from the guidance I receive!


I promise that you will be a transformed, happier, and more peaceful person that loves yourself after your sessions with me!

Your success is everything to me!

REAL results are yours now!

My experience, caring, knowledge, and training are top in the hypnotherapist industry and I am so excited to meet with you!

It is my honor and privilege to be YOUR hypnotherapist and help you transform!

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Amy Koford


Hypnotherapist National Guild Cert

Mission Statement




Your Success, your Results, your Dreams and Desires Realized. Period.




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